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Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd.

Информация о компании:

Бренды : MF
Количество сотрудников : 300~350
Годовой объем продаж : 5.4-8.0 Million
Год основания : 2000
Экспорт ПК : 80% - 90%

Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd is one of the leading LED light product, located in Guangdong Province, China. Ming Feng LED lighting factory produce LED Indoor Light and LED outdoor lamp. For the LED indoor light, we are producing the LED Spot lights , LED Bulb, T8 LED Tubes, LED down lights ,led ceiling lighting, For the Outdoor LED Light, we are producing the LED flood light, LED high bay lighting, LED roadway lights, LED courtyard light, LED tunnel light, LED parking lot lighting and LED stadium lights.With the rapid growth of our sales volume in the market, our R&D are expanding quickly to meet the market demands.


Ming Feng Lighting Co.,Ltd factory established in year 2000 and has great experience in exporting LED lighting products. We dedicate ourselves in the LED lighting area to develop the market-oriented LED light product. We are proud of that, our factory can manufacture the outstanding LED light with high quality standard.



Our main market is in European, South American and North American. Our factory locates between Shenzhen port and Guangzhou, it’s convenient to visit our factory and delivery the container to all around the world based on Shenzhen port. Ming Feng Lighting factory are providing the OEM service for all the partners all around the world, Our LED light is in high quality standard at reasonable and competitive price, our designer and engineer help our LED light in tasteful design and excellent performance.


Ming Feng Lighting Co., Ltd warmly welcome all the partners visit our factory and share the ideas of the LED light. Ming Feng Lighting factory stays with you all the time to share the happiness of the LED light, let’s work together to create an outstanding future.